Avenger Revolution

We all want to change the world. Stay together we will make it happen.


Avengertoken distribution

Total supply : 500.000.000



100.000.000 Tokens
Locked for 5 years

Angel investors


100.000.000 Tokens
Locked for 4 years

Future plans (No ICO)


300.000.000 Tokens

Why should you join avenger community ?

1.Avenger blockchain is 4.0 high performance blockchain.

Avenger mainnet will reach to 250.000 TPS . Our mainnet will be release in Q1 2019. We already raised $5.000.000 from angle investors  . 

2.Avenger token is crytocurrency for community.

Our Ecosystem is building on the peoples community . You can get free tokens for just join us.Our goal is $200.000.000 marketcap.

3.Avenger team will share all benifits for tokens holders.

We will share all the profits for our community . As more tokens you hold as more profits you will get . By hodling Avenger tokens in your wallet ,you will get 50% bonus when the mainnet launched. You also can get sharing profits on Avenger exchange in the future.

4.Several ways to earn money with Avenger tokens.

Avenger exchange



Avenger token will be listed on the exchanges in Q4 2018

Avenger Decentralize Exchange will be launched in Q2 2019


Daulton Williams CEO - Founder

A Serial entrepreneur, with 15 years of experience in IT. He possesses advanced knowledge of blockchain technology, IT infrastructure and networking. He has also worked on the position of IT Manager for important companies. 

Alex Fuji  Head Blockchain Developer

7 years+ of technical work experience in system testing and software testing programs.Success in managing Integrated Communication Exchange System verification projects..Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer and Blockchain Developer. He considers this technology the language of a more transparent society.

Arnold Woong Senior Blockchain Developer

5 years+ of blockchain technology development. IT research and development, international manufacturing operation and markets .

-Technical Advisor.

-Software Engineer

Tony Chang IT Developer

Developer, with experience in both client and server side programming.

-Development of apps in JAVA and PHP.

-Software Engineer.


William King IT Developer

4 years+ of blockchain technology development. 

– Certified Tax Accountant(CTA)

– Former Tax Accountant of ‘JN Tax & Accounting Corp.


Board Advisors

Abu Mohamed

Founder of Shuty invesment fund.He’s made several early-stage investments in different startups. Kipras is responsible for investor relations, legal and organizational aspects of NOIA.


Tony Lu

Founder of TSay invesment fund.  Specialist in the entire Hedge Fund IT Infrastructure and development function including front and middle office technologies, operations, full site redundancy & Disaster Recovery with a background in high growth & start-up companies.

Kenny Kim

Founder of Boked invesment fund . He is actively involved in distributed ledger technology based startups, advising them on the set-up of regulated exchanges, public token sale and the establishment of digital asset investment funds.




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